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FITSTATS® Education

Assess Physical literacy, Healthy Fitness, Promote Lifetime Physical Activity, Educate Students & Parents

FITSTATS® Education is the most comprehensive software solution to assess, analyze and promote  physical literacy, fitness, participation, behavior and fundamental movement skills in K-12 schools.

FITSTATS is 100% compatible with ALL assessment programs- including FITNESSGRAM®, Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth (PLAY), Passport for Life, etc.- but can also be freely customized to accommodate any custom tests, formulas, health benefit zones and/or rubric scoring system, questionnaires, activities. FITSTATS is used daily by thousands of educators, and can be tailored to match any instructional curriculum.

FITSTATS® Performance

Prevent Injuries, Monitor Athletic Development, Identify and Track Sport Talent

Specially designed for secondary schools, colleges and sports organizations of all size, FITSTATS Performance is the ideal software to enhance youth sports safety, injury prevention, talent identification and athletic development programs at every levels.

FITSTATS Performance helps coaches and health care providers prevent sports injuries and implement injury surveillance programs, identify the early stages of athletes’ burnout, psychosocial or eating disorders, monitor athletes’ well-being, fitness and recovery, and implement a comprehensive team approach towards sports injury and prevention

The ideal tool to prevent overtraining, illnesses, injuries and suboptimal performance outcomes

A cutting-edge, sport-specific and customizable training monitoring platform that helps coaches, conditioning experts and sport scientist to accurately monitor the training performed by athletes and prevent overtraining, illnesses, overuse injuries as well as suboptimal performance outcomes.
Specially designed for clubs and teams targeting high performance goals, AthleteMonitoring will help improving performance programs at every levels

FITSTATS® Wellness

Evaluate Work-Related Fitness, Analyse results, Inform participants

FITSTATS® Wellness is an entirely customisable web-based software that simplifies the collection, tracking and personalised reporting of data. Designed to manage fitness for duty testing programs and large-scale health, nutrition & wellness monitoring initiatives, FITSTATS® Wellness is securely accessible 24/7 from any browser or mobile



The support and help at FitStats Web is wonderful. Questions are answered quickly and clearly and we are very satisfied with their service. I would strongly recommend FitStats Web to any school wishing to improve their wellness program.

Laura Morrison, John Abbott College, Canada|

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FITSTATS and are online platforms designed by Advanced Fitness Designs Inc, a dynamic IT company that develops innovative solutions for physical education, wellness institutions and sport organisations since 2000.

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